Estate Planning is sometimes wrongly perceived as a morbid topic and is avoided because we (by some curious trick of evolution) perceive ourselves as immortal. Nothing could be further from the truth because a well devised Estate Plan brings with it a great deal of satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that our legacy will be honoured in a tax effective manner which will provide our loved ones with the benefits of asset protection and the convenience of administering an organised estate.

We are able to advise you on a wide range of issues regarding Wills and Estates including the following:


  • Wills
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Probate and Letters of Administration
  • Estate administration
  • Estate litigation
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Advance Health Directive
  • Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.

- Pablo Picasso